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Registration for 2010 born Forward.



    Participation in the event is only reserved with a registration form and full payment or non-refundable deposit (per entry).

    Participation is not reserved:
    • Filled out registration form; but no corresponding payment • Registration form is not completed
    • Requesting entry by calling or emailing SixtyHD staff

    Players will not be placed in the event if:

    • Event fills up (sells out) prior to receiving your player's payment
    • Final payment from your player is not received at least 2 weeks following registration
    • Event Staff’s discretion 

    Please Note: We will not be issuing refunds outside of these parameters.

    This policy ensures equal opportunity for all potential participants. Treating all registrations on a first come, first serve basis we remove all subjectivity. Secondly, other participants should not be negatively affected by delinquent accounts not meeting registration and payment requirements. Thank you for your cooperation

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